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Curl up by your own wood fire, use clean burning natural gas heating to keep your home cosy and warm, or stave off the searing heat of summer with split system air conditioning or evaporative cooling units! Whatever you choose, Loddon Heating & Cooling Kerang will make it happen!

Our Services

Our friendly and experienced team provide a range of professional heating and cooling

services across the Kerang district:

Help and Advice

We have the skills, expert knowledge and equipment needed to provide solutions to any

heating and cooling problems. From help with finding the right product, through to quick

repairs of your existing units, when it comes to heating and cooling, we can do it all!

About Us

Loddon Heating & Cooling is a name that means quality in Kerang.

Since the early 1990s, Kerang and surrounds has been serviced by a locally owned and locally staffed business you can put your trust in when you need heating or cooling equipment, installation and service. At Loddon Heating & Cooling we’re proud to serve the locale people, and have done so since the business began.

In 2006, current owner Darren took over the business and continued the high standards of customer service that Kerang was accustomed to, staying the true to Loddon Heating & Cooling mantra of “we can do it all”.

Customer Service

Since Loddon Heating & Cooling Kerang began, we’ve strived to make sure that our local community gets looked after and they get the old fashioned proper customer service they deserve. When we say that we’re a local business, we mean it! All of our staff live right here in Kerang, and you’ve probably seen us plenty of times at the shops!

Because we’re local, we want to make sure we give our neighbours and friends the best service possible and ensure that they feel like they’re being taken care of. We won’t sell you on what’s popular, we’ll work together to find a solution that works best for you. That way you know that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and happy for years to come. If you have specialised requirements or a problem that is a little outside the box, we’ll tackle the challenge head on and find a heating or cooling service to suit. And if you have any issues down the road, we’re just a phone call away to help you get back in working order.

Ware Electrical

Thinking about upgrading your home or business and need an electrical expert? Loddon Heating & Cooling Kerang is you local Bi-Rite and Jaycar outlet, stocking a massive range of electrical appliances, equipment, components, tools and anything else you could need! We have qualified electricians on staff to offer you installation service when needed, so that you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

If it’s electrical, we’ve got it or we’ll get it, and then we’ll install it!
We can provide you a range of electrical services from heating and cooling ducted systems and air conditioning systems to residential and commercial solar systems, and any phone and data cabling installation or network cabling for your home or business.
We’ll get you hooked up with new equipment and take care o getting the systems installed! We can even stall a new kitchen cooktop for you!

In large scale buildings, whether you’re after ducted or split air conditioner installation or are thinking about renewable energy and the options for solar energy / solar panels, you want to make sure you have accredited installers looking after you aircon install or solar panel installation. We’ll get you connected quickly and make sure you don’t suffer from extended downtimes. Invest in your home or business with heating, cooling or electrical appliances that will add value and comfort to any space.